sharing stories

to remember the life of a loved one

What is an eulogy?

Often known as a tribute, this is a speech in which the deceased persons
life story can be shared with those present. An overview of the persons life can be given as well as people speaking to the different parts of a persons life or life interests. 
Tributes can range from formal to informal. They may be read by the celebrant, family members or friends or spokespersons who are speaking on behalf of an organisation. 

Use a poem, letter, prayer or verse

You can choose to include a reading that tells those gathered something about the person
who has died - their life, interests, or sense of humour. You could also choose words you
know they would have appreciated from a poem, a prayer or verses from the Bible or
other book of religion. There may be a letter to be read out.

Whatever you choose, it will add a special touch.

More information about personalising a funeral can be found here on the
FDANZ website (Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand).

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